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Over a Decade of Setting New Standards in the Security Industry

Atlas Security & Investigations, Inc. prides itself on its extensive background and quality-focused approach to client safety. Founded in 2013, our roots in the security industry run deep, with senior staff members boasting over 60 years of combined experience.

Going Beyond the Average Standards

We believe that a security firm's strength lies in its personnel's quality. That's why, at Atlas Security & Investigations, Inc., we invest heavily in the training of our security officers. Going beyond the legal requirements, we ensure that our team is prepared to handle any challenge that comes their way. Our unique training program includes:

  • Rigorous recruitment and screening process
  • Extensive in-service site-specific training
  • Regular aptitude and 9-panel drug screening tests
  • Constant in-service training to stay ahead of the curve
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Veteran Leadership

Atlas Security & Investigations, Inc. is proud to be a veteran-owned business. This distinction is not just a title, but a reflection of the values and discipline we bring to our services. Our leadership team is available 24/7, ensuring quality assurance and exceptional customer service.

Invest in Your Peace of Mind

Working with Atlas Security & Investigations, Inc. means partnering with a security firm that puts your safety first. Our approach to contract security is unique and client-focused, making us a preferred choice for those who value peace of mind. Learn more about our service.