A security guard is standing in the hallway of an office building.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

At Atlas Security & Investigations, Inc., we offer comprehensive security solutions tailored to meet each client's unique needs in the Greater Houston Area. Although we started our journey in 2013, we are not new to the industry; our team boasts extensive experience and a keen eye for smart problem resolution in all our projects.

Diverse Background

Our team's background is diverse and robust, coming from the military, police, security, and investigation backgrounds, ensuring we are well-equipped to meet and exceed your security needs.

Multi-Tier Management Support

Our management team, including the Chief of Security, Assistant Chief, and field supervisors, actively participates in daily operations. This hands-on approach allows us to identify and address potential issues preemptively, significantly reducing risks and enhancing overall security.

Certified, Licensed, and Insured Security Personnel

The Security Officer Project at Atlas Security & Investigations, Inc. is dedicated to providing superior security services. Unlike many competitors who employ minimally screened and trained officers, we set a higher standard. Our officers are not only certified, licensed, and insured but also undergo thorough screening by our company Investigators, the Dept of Public Safety: Private Security Bureau, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The following is an overview of our Security Officer Project.

​45 hour Commissioned Security (Armed) Training and/or

10 hour Non-Commissioned Security Officer Training 
4 hour Security Techniques and Criminal Law 
4 hour Customer Service Seminar 
4 hour Training (Various Subjects) Monthly.

Tailored Security Services

Understanding that each sector has its own specific security needs, we offer customized services for:

  • Commercial Security
  • Industrial Security
  • School Security (Private and Public)
  • Medical Facilities Security
  • Hospitality Security
  • Places of Worship Security
  • Restaurant Security
  • Retail Security
A security guard is seen in the background.

Entrust Your Safety Only to Experts

Choosing Atlas Security & Investigations, Inc. means opting for a security partner committed to raising the standard of quality security services. Our extensive experience, combined with a hands-on approach from our management team, ensures that risks are minimized and problems are swiftly addressed. Whatever your security needs, Atlas Security & Investigations, Inc. is your go-to for a professional security experience. For more information on our services or to discuss your security needs, contact us today.